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Hues That Make Your Living Room Windows Pop Without Staunching The Rest Of Your Decor

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You love color, but you don’t want to be too ‘loud’ with your hue choices. This is especially true for your living room, where you want to have certain personality but not be too ostentatious in style. If you love vibrant, eye-catching colors that demand attention, here are ways you can add them to your windows to jazz them up without making them steal the show. Choose modern colors that blend Pick shades and curtains in beautiful, contemporary hues that blend well with other drapery. An example would be turquoise, which blends evenly with sheer shades in gold, copper, or even charcoal gray. Another bold and modern shade to work with is eggplant, which merges beautifully with mint curtains for a classic yet forward look. Go with patterns If you don’t want to commit to a deep and bold curtain color, stick to your classic patterns instead. Chevron, polka dots, or even vines interwoven in the overall design of your drapes help break up very vibrant hues such as rich pink, blood orange, or even magenta without compromising their stunning appeal. If you don’t want to choose an actual pattern for your curtains, consider textured materials for your shades instead to help break up monotonous color. Textured materials in stripes or subtle floral designs can make very bold hues, such as black, coffee brown, or royal purple, stand out all by themselves without being overwhelming in your living room. Don’t be afraid to contrast Pastels and their richer counterparts are absolutely perfect for each other when it comes to color matching. Petal rose matches well with a deeper pink or even red hue, while navy merges great with baby blue. Goldenrod pairs well with sherbet yellow or even a lighter orange or peach color. You can even work with black as your main color, matching it with charcoal or ocean gray to mix things up and stick to your favorite hues without compromising color. Contrasting colors work well for large or tall living room windows that require a lot of material to cover them. Whether you want to brighten up your living room with stunning color or you simply want to try something new, there is no reason why you can’t be bold with your design. If you use the right color and pattern combinations, you won’t need to worry about making the rest of your living room decor look lackluster in appearance. You can have the colorful living room you’ve always wanted without taking away from the rest of your home’s style. For more options for window shades and decor, visit stores like NNK Window...

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4 Types Of Damage That You Don’t Have To Worry About When You Have Solid Surface Counter Tops

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If you are looking for the perfect counter top solution for your home, you might have seen the solid surface counter tops that are made out of man-made acrylic. This is a gorgeous counter top option that is actually more affordable than many of the alternatives, and another thing that you’ll love about it is the fact that solid surface counter tops are actually quite durable. These are a few problems that you don’t have to worry about if you choose this type of counter top for your home. 1. Moisture Some counter tops can actually be affected by standing moisture, but this is not something that you have to worry about with solid surface counter tops. These types of counter tops are actually moisture-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about water causing damage or the growth of mold or mildew. This is a good thing when you’re splashing dish water around while in the kitchen. 2. Heat Even though you might strive hard to put down a trivet or pot holder before placing a hot pan or baking dish on your counter, you do still have to worry about your counter top coming in contact with heat. With many counter tops, heat can cause the surface to warp and become discolored. However, solid surface counter tops are actually resistant against heat, so yours won’t be any worse for the wear. 3. Stains The last thing that you should have to worry about when whipping up your favorite spaghetti sauce or using your hand mixer is staining your counter top. Some counter tops can become easily stained, however, even after hard scrubbing. Your solid surface counter top will be easy to clean and should not stain, even if you choose a counter top in a lighter color. 4. Sunlight You might love keeping the blinds open so that you can enjoy the sunlight in your kitchen, but you might be worried about it fading your counter top. Unlike some types of counter tops, however, you do not have to worry about your solid surface counter top becoming faded from the sunlight. This means that your counter top will stay vibrant and beautiful for a long time to come. As you can see, solid surface counter tops have a lot of benefits. If you do not want to worry about these four things when enjoying and using your new counter tops, solid surface counter tops might be a great option. Contact a counter provider, such as Plastic Line Mfg Inc, to find out more about your counter top...

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3 Types Of Outdoor Stair Railings

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If you are working on an outdoor project that necessitates a staircase, one of the major design choices you will face is what type of stair railing to include. At first the choice can seem overwhelming, as there are a vast number of materials and styles from which the average consumer is able to choose. But knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each material is the first step toward making an informed purchase. So take a look below at three of the most popular materials for use in building outdoor staircases, and see which one is right for you and your project. Wood Wood is one of the most popular choices for outdoor staircase railings, and for good reason. It adds an appropriately rustic character that simply isn’t possible with aluminum or other inexpensive materials. It’s also extremely easy to customize to your liking, as many types of lumber can be hand carved to a customer’s exact specifications. One thing that should be kept in mind is that wood – like any other natural material – will deteriorate over time if not treated properly first. Make sure to seal your wood staircase railing every few years to protect against bad weather and ultraviolet rays.  Metal What wood railing lacks in durability, metal railing has in spades. If you’re looking to invest in a staircase railing that will last the lifetime of the staircase (and then some), look no further. The other significant advantage of metal railing is that, like wood, it can be customized to match the color and style of your project. Many railings that appear at first glance to be wrought iron are actually constructed of less expensive metals. And if you’re going for a sleek, ultra-modern look on your project, metal railings are usually the perfect fit. Stone If you’re looking to achieve elegance above all for your outdoor project, then stone may be the best choice. Marble and granite staircase railings can contribute to a sophisticated look that’s simply not possible with metal or wood. That said, it usually requires professional installation, and is a bit more vulnerable to the elements. But if you have the cash to spend and want your railings to match the rich decor featured in the rest of your staircase, stone railings are your best bet. Even if you’re not looking to completely break the bank, you can still save by sourcing from local quarries in...

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Creatively Frugal Decor: A Few Tips To Enliven Your Space On A Dime

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Regardless of the type of dwelling you live in, whether a small one-bedroom apartment or a large four-bedroom home, you don’t have to run your checking account into the negative just to create a beautiful space. Although it may seem as if the economy is bouncing back, you may still need to be a penny-pincher for numerous reasons. Regardless of your situation, you can have a beautiful interior that is creative, unique and inexpensive. Here are some ideas to help you get started: Getting Creative with Art Grab some of your old greeting cards that you’ve been saving with little to no words on the front and place them in a frame. These can go on the bathroom counter, on the dining room hutch or on the living room walls. Take last year’s black-and-white (or colored) landscape calendar and create some inspirational artwork for the walls. Cover pieces of small blank canvas with mismatched, yet complementary patterns of fabric. You can do four of these and then place them on the wall in a square or a line with an inch or two between one another. You can also do this with regular picture frames instead of canvas to be even more frugal. Adding Visual Appeal with Accent Pieces Instead of using curtain tiebacks made from metal or plastic, consider using a piece of satin ribbon in a complimentary, eye-popping color. Head to the flea market to pick up some bright-colored books (that you’ll probably never even read) to place on your bookshelf. While you’re at it, look for some plastic animals to paint with a bronze or metallic color to use as bookends. Take a bulletin board and cover in a piece of patterned fabric or paper. Then glue or tack flowers or pictures to it. You can even use it to leave notes to family members and to hold your grocery list instead of the fridge. Making a Creative Movement with Furniture Get your hands on a vintage suitcase from an old thrift store or from your grandmother’s stuff that you have packed away and use it to create an end table or a coffee table. All you need to do this is four inexpensive table legs that can be painted to the colors of your choosing, but try to make sure they somewhat match the surrounding decor and/or the suitcase. Turn your bookcase into a beautiful display by taking the shelves out, installing patterned or brightly-colored wallpaper along the back of it, and putting the shelves back in. Take an old dresser and make it new with some paint. You could take an entire paint chip card and use all of the colors to really make a statement piece. If you choose to do this, choose either the top or bottom color to be the main piece and then use the remaining colors on the drawers. It’s completely possibly to decorate your home creatively on a budget. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to have some amazingly great d├ęcor. However, if you want a professional opinion on a room that you just don’t even know where to begin with colors and decor, contact an interior designer in your area. He or she can help point you in the right direction and can...

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Make A Unique Light Fixture Using A Wooden Shutter

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Living in an apartment can often make it difficult for you to be able to decorate your outdoor areas in a stylish and unique way because they are so cramped. Having a patio that has another patio directly above it limits the ability to grow plants or add too much furniture to the area. If you want to give your outdoor patio a bit of a face lift, consider creating unique lighting to hang from the ceiling. This will allow you to create ambiance and style at the same time. The following guide walks you through creating a unique light fixture using an old shutter. Paint the Shutter The first thing you will need to do is paint the shutter. You can choose to paint it a bright, bold color or stick to a color that is a bit more sophisticated and traditional. Regardless of the color you use, you want to be sure that you paint an even coat of paint on the entire shutter and allow the paint to dry a few hours before continuing. Drill Holes in the Shutter Next, you want to measure around the edges of the shutter with a ruler. Make a mark at every inch with a pencil. Use a drill to drill holes that go all the way through the shutter at each mark that you made. Add Hooks Use the ruler to measure in from each corner of the shutter by one inch and make a mark. Use the drill to make a small hole at each mark, but do not create a hole all the way through the shutter. Use a hook that has a screw base on one end of it and screw the hook into the shutter at each corner. String the Lights You want to use battery-operated outdoor Christmas lights on this project because they do not require electricity and can be operated by a remote control. String one socket through each hole of the shutter making sure that all of the wiring will be on the side of the shutter that has the hooks on it. This ensures that no one can see the wiring once the shutter is hung. Once all of the sockets are strung through the holes, add the bulbs to the sockets. Test the lights to make sure they work. Hang the Shutter Get on a ladder and add one hook to the top center of the patio ceiling. Add a chain to each hook that is on the shutter and then pull them all together to hang from the one hook that is located in the center of the ceiling. When you have guests over, you can use the remote to turn on the lights to create a romantic oasis to enjoy one another’s company. If the batteries run out, you can simply unhook the shutter, replace the batteries, and rehang it to use it again and again.   To learn more about shutters, contact a company like The Blind and Drapery Corner. ...

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4 Things To Do Before Putting Your House Up For Sale

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For most people, their home is their biggest financial investment. So when you decide to sell your house, you likely want to get offers in a timely manner and make the biggest profit possible. To achieve these goals you need to have a plan and prepare in advance. Use the following tips to make your home very appealing to buyers: 1. Clean and Organize Every Room The first step to getting your home ready for the market is to clean it from top to bottom, and organize each room, closet and drawer. If you have lived in your home for a few years it is normal for clutter to pile up–donate stuff that you no longer need, or throw out things that are in bad condition. If you have large boxes of belongings that you do not need right now (such as seasonal clothing or holiday decorations), consider renting a storage unit to store them in until you move. 2. Consider Getting a Home inspection Home inspections are typically ordered by the buyer after an offer has been accepted, but it can be a very good idea for you to have one done before putting your house on the market. A home inspection will provide you with a comprehensive report outlining any problems or issues that your home has. You can use the feedback from the home inspection to make needed repairs before listing your house. This can prevent surprises and costly repairs requested by the buyer when the house is in escrow. 3. Hire a Home Stager A home stager is a professional who typically has interior design experience and focuses on making homes look appealing to buyers. Your home may be clean and stylish, but it is personalized for you and your family. Home stagers understand how to highlight the best features of your home through the use of decorations and furniture placement. Having your home staged will typically result in better photos on real estate listing websites, and can elicit better responses from potential buyers who view your home. Having your home staged doesn’t have to cost a fortune–many stagers can use the furniture and decor that you already have, or arrange to rent items on a short term basis. 4. Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home Getting viewings scheduled is just the first step of getting your home sold. You want your home to make the best first impression possible when potential buyers pull up, so spend some time making sure that your front yard looks great before putting your home on the market. Trim your trees, make sure your lawn is free of weeds, and plant some colorful flowers for visual...

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5 Advantages Of Commercial Cork Flooring Tiles

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Are you looking for commercial flooring? In recent years, cork has become extremely popular for commercial applications. Cork flooring is nothing like an ordinary cork wood board. It’s a versatile, durable, and affordable alternative to more conventional methods of flooring.  1. Cork Is Sustainable Cork is an environmentally friendly alternative to wood. Not only does this fit into the corporate responsibility initiatives of many companies, but it also contributes towards a business’s LEED credits. This can be factored into the cost savings of a cork flooring treatment.  2. Cork Reduces Sound Cork is a sound-dampening product. This is ideal for large corporate applications, such as big meeting rooms and open layout plans. Other options, such as hardwood flooring, will usually transmit sound–and the only options that generally dampen sound, like carpeting, usually don’t last very long. 3. Cork Can Mimic a Variety of Looks Cork can be painted into modern-looking tiles or stained to look very similar to hardwood. For companies that need to display a hint of sophistication or luxury, cork allows a hardwood-like finish at an affordable price. For companies that need to have a contemporary design aesthetic, cork can be painted in bright colors and easily laid in a variety of designs. 4. Cork Is Extremely Inexpensive It isn’t just the material itself that doesn’t cost much. Cork flooring is also very inexpensive to install. This is because cork flooring does not require any particular tools. In fact, cork can be installed by anyone because the tiles can be cut with a simple knife. It also doesn’t require an extensive underlay because of its natural water resistance. 5. Cork Is Durable The durability of cork comes from a few major aspects: it can be refinished, it is water-resistant, and it will bend rather than break. Due to the nature of cork, it tends to compress instead of chipping or cracking, and it will bounce back to its previous form, so there will not be any dents from equipment or furniture. It can be sanded down and painted, stained, or otherwise refinished if it is scratched or damaged, and it is naturally resistant to water. Cork comes in a tremendous variety of forms. It’s available in panels and tile, and in natural grain, stained, or painted. Natural cork comes in a diverse range of shades. For companies interested in cork, there are many flooring showrooms, like with Certified Flooring Installation, Inc., that offer a look at the possibilities that cork may be able to...

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